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Rollcoat/Coilcoat Inks (Conventional) Archives

Rollcoat/Coilcoat Topcoats

Rollcoat/Coilcoat Topcoats Rollcoat/Coilcoat Inks Product Summary Deco·Chem’s Rollcoat/Coilcoat Topcoat inks are recommended for use in normal environmental conditions. They are resistant to peeling, dirt collection and chemical staining. Features Exterior Durability, Abrasion Resistance, Automotive Grade, Excellent Formability, Chemical Resistance and Low VOC Substrates Metals Product Links

Rollcoat/Coilcoat Primers

Rollcoat/Coilcoat Primers Rollcoat/Coilcoat Inks Product Summary The Rollcoat/Coilcoat Primers are designed for superior solvent and abrasion resistance. The primers use a blend of high-tech polymers specifically designed for metal decoration applications. Deco·Chem’s Rollcoat/Coilcoat Primers have been developed to meet new appliance specifications. Features Appliance Approved, Excellent Solvent Resistance, Excellent Abrasion Resistance, Fast Cure and Excellent […]


Metabond: MBI/C & MBI/R Polyester for Coilcoat and Rollcoat Product Summary Metabond is a new class of decorative coating originating from a polyester backbone which is blended with a high quality durable cross-linker. This blend of high tech formulating combines with the best in available raw materials to yield MBI series, the coating with excellent […]


Loxon: LOX/C & LOX/R Epoxy for Coilcoat and Rollcoat Product Summary Loxon, the “work horse” of the appliance industry, is a blend of high-tech polymers specifically synthesized and produced for metal decorating applications. Loxon has been developed to meet new appliance specifications. It has superior resistance to laundry group detergents and new generation spot removers. […]


AutoBond (ATB) Quick Bake Urethane for Coilcoat & Rollcoat Product Summary AutoBond is a class of very high solids polymers that, when baked, yields a very tough, weatherable ink film that can be screen printed or roll coated. When pigmented, the mixture will contain smaller amounts of solvent in certain colors, thereby drastically reducing the […]