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Loxon: LOX/C & LOX/R

Loxon: LOX/C & LOX/R

Epoxy for Coilcoat and Rollcoat

Product Summary

Loxon, the “work horse” of the appliance industry, is a blend of high-tech polymers specifically synthesized and produced for metal decorating applications. Loxon has been developed to meet new appliance specifications. It has superior resistance to laundry group detergents and new generation spot removers. Loxon has passed virtually all other chemical resistance tests called for in the appliance industry.


Appliance Approved, Abrasion Resistant, Opaque, Flexible, Chemical Resistant and Excellent Adhesion


Metal, Glass, Mill Finish Aluminum, Steel, Epoxy Sized Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum, Brass and Stainless Steel