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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of inks and coatings does Deco-Chem produce?

For the most part, Deco-Chem manufactures screen printing ink (both solvent based and UV), roll and coil coating inks and coatings (solvent and UV),UV flexo, UV letterpress, and UV rotary screen.

How do I place an order?

To place an order, please call us at (800) 348-7191 and ask to speak with a sales representative. They will be able to tell you more about our current ink lines and help you find the right ink for your job.

Who should I contact if I have any questions regarding a preexisting order?

You should first contact your sales representative. They are the ones who are most familiar with you and your needs and will be able to find out the information you need and/or direct you to the proper person. If you do not remember their contact information, please call us at (800) 348-7191 or email info@decochem.com and someone will be able to direct you to the proper person.

Where do I get a MSDS for my product?

Please contact us at (800) 348-7191 or email info@decochem.com to receive a MSDS. We do not keep all MSDS’s on the website due to the nature of many products being custom tailored to your needs and are not considered “standard” products.

Are Deco-Chem’s product REACH, RoHS, and Prop65 compliant?

Please call your Sales Representative. Due to the high number of products that we make, or have made, we look at each need individually.

Does Deco-Chem cover shipping charges?

No. All prices quoted are FOB Mishawaka, IN. If no shipping instructions are provided, then Deco-Chem will normally use either UPS for ground shipments or UPS freight for LTL shipments. The shipping amount will be added to the customer’s invoice unless the customer prefers to the shipment to go collect.

Where do I get supplies for my printing department?

Deco-Chem provides inks, coating, cleaners, etc. However if you need parts for your printing machine, or other supplies such as squeegees, screens, etc. we do not sell these types of supplies.

Whom do I contact for warranty issues or technical help?

Please start by contacting your Sales Representative. If they are unavailable, you can reach us at (800) 348-7191 and ask for Matt Doorn (Quality Control Manager). If you are having trouble with your ink, please refer to our Sales Policy under “warranty” regarding what information is necessary to provide us.

For technical questions or if you would like our lab to start a project for you, please feel free and use the Product Service Feasibility Form available on the website. Or, contact your sales representative.

Will Deco-Chem’s UV inks cure without a special “industrial” UV curing unit?

No. The UV inks might “dry to the touch” with prolonged sunlight or regular UV bulbs. However in order to get full adhesion to the substrate, the UV curing unit you are using must produce the necessary amount of energy. For processing speeds, required energy output and milijoules readings, please email info@decochem.com