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X-act Colorants

X-act Colorants Super Concentrated Pigment Dispersions Product Summary You can have several ink systems with one set of colorants! With your choice of mixing clear and one set of X-act Colorants, you can produce virtually any color that you can imagine. Simply pour in the mixing clear and then add the X-act colorants needed to […]


Urethane: URE Two-Part Urethane Product Summary The URE Series is a two-component urethane designed as a multi-purpose ink. The cured ink has excellent flexibility and chemical resistance. The URE Series has withstood 26 washing machine cycles without cracking, loss of color, or adhesion. This system was developed as a high solids coating for VOC compliance. […]


Polyon: POL High Solids Baking Ink Product Summary POL series is a very high solids ink and does not dry out in the screen. It is the best choice for low solvent loss and the finest in environmentally safe products. POL series is a new class of polyester polymers that when baked, yields a duarable […]


Myflex: MFX Air Dry for Plastic Product Summary The Myflex series is a unique and sophisticated blend of polymers that demonstrates unusual toughness, flexibility, adhesion, gloss, and weatherability. The nature of the system requires uncommon solvents to achieve solution. As a result, the printed film has resistance to a variety of solvents and chemicals. Myflex […]


Metaflex: MTX Appliance Coating and Screen Ink Product Summary Metaflex is a coating developed for the appliance and metal decorating industries. Deco·Chem has combined the best in high quality raw materials to yield Metaflex, an ink with outstanding stain resistance, durability, and drawability. Metaflex is an excellent choice for markets such as the appliance industry, […]


Epoxon: EPO 2-Part Glass Epoxy Product Summary Epoxon is a two component epoxy screen ink formulated specifically for general purpose use on a variety of surfaces. EPO has passed the rigid requirements of the automotive group such as chemical resistance, hardness, flexibility, abrasion resistance and consistency of color. Features Scuff Resistant, Food Grade Epoxy, Abrasion […]


Astrolex: ATX Air Dry or Force Dry Screen Ink Product Summary Astrolex is a tough, low-odor ink for plastics. Although designed orginally for polycarbonate, it adheres to many other plastics, including pressure-sensitive vinyl and styrene. Ease of application is one of the most distinctive characteristics of Astrolex. The smooth and light consistency allows a clean […]


Metabond: MBI/C & MBI/R Polyester for Coilcoat and Rollcoat Product Summary Metabond is a new class of decorative coating originating from a polyester backbone which is blended with a high quality durable cross-linker. This blend of high tech formulating combines with the best in available raw materials to yield MBI series, the coating with excellent […]


Loxon: LOX/C & LOX/R Epoxy for Coilcoat and Rollcoat Product Summary Loxon, the “work horse” of the appliance industry, is a blend of high-tech polymers specifically synthesized and produced for metal decorating applications. Loxon has been developed to meet new appliance specifications. It has superior resistance to laundry group detergents and new generation spot removers. […]


AutoBond (ATB) Quick Bake Urethane for Coilcoat & Rollcoat Product Summary AutoBond is a class of very high solids polymers that, when baked, yields a very tough, weatherable ink film that can be screen printed or roll coated. When pigmented, the mixture will contain smaller amounts of solvent in certain colors, thereby drastically reducing the […]