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Specialty Screen Inks (UV) Archives

UV Curable Writeable Clears

UV Curable Writeable Clears Specialty Screen Ink Product Summary Ultra Violet printable clear for item identification. Writable UV modifies the surface so that it will trap and hold the medium of marking instruments such as pens, pencils, and markers without rubbing off. For screen printable on plastic, use RD0359. For screen printable on metal, use […]

Metal Primer

Metal Primer Specialty Screen Ink Product Summary Deco·Chem’s Metal Primers are UV cross-linkable formulas that are tough, flexible, and demonstrate excellent adhesion to clean, mill finished aluminum. UV Primers are designed to provide durability as well as resistance to chemical and ultraviolet attack under normal environmental conditions. Features Flexibility, Long-term Durability, Blocking Properties, Excellent Adhesion […]

Alligator Texture

Alligator Texture One-Part Screen Pattern Texture Product Summary Alligator Texture is a one-part ink that utilizes the screen mesh to create an alligator hide appearance. The most dramatic effects are with the use of larger mesh screen such as a 65 or 32 monofilament, in combination with photo emulsion patterns shot in the scree, will […]


Topcoat Flexographic Ink Product Summary Deco·Chem’s Topcoat inks are an excellent choice for the packaging and product labeling market. They are compatible over most of Deco·Chem’s flexographic ink lines. Topcoat inks are provided at a ready to use viscosity but should be mixed thoroughly prior to use. Features High Gloss and Matte, Ready to Use […]

X-act Colorants

X-act Colorants Super Concentrated Pigment Dispersions Product Summary You can have several ink systems with one set of colorants! With your choice of mixing clear and one set of X-act Colorants, you can produce virtually any color that you can imagine. Simply pour in the mixing clear and then add the X-act colorants needed to […]

Static Cling

Static Cling For Static Cling Substrates Product Summary Deco·Chem’s Static Cling Ink Series is a leader of UV gloss, flat, textured and color coatings for static cling substrates. It’s the perfect ink choice for applications involving labels, window graphics, signs and decals. Static Cling ink exhibits outstanding flexibility and adhesion while still maintaining a tough […]

Simulated Etch

Simulated Etch Frosty, Semi-Opaque “Etched” Appearance Product Summary Deco-Chem’s Simulated Etch ink has a frosty, milky appearance. The degree of opacity and colors can be customized. The ink is weatherable, chemical resistant, abrasion resistant and easy to print. Simulated Etch ink also has excellent block resistant characteristics. Features Safer Than Other Etch Methods, Chemical Resistant, […]

Semi-Gloss DRM Clear

Semi-Gloss DRM Clear Semi-Gloss Ink Product Summary The Semi-Gloss DRM clear is formulated for a wide variety substrates. It exhibits excellent printing and curing characteristics. The Semi-Gloss DRM is preinitiated. It is a one part system and ready to print straight from the container. It passes most of the appliance panel specifications and is durable […]


Pro-Tech Clear and Textured Inks Product Summary Deco·Chem’s Pro-Tech Series has withstood the test of time as a leader of UV gloss, flat and textured clear coatings. Pro-Tech inks adhere to a wide variety of substrates. Applications no longer require nitrogen in conjunction with UV curing to achieve the desired properties of printed material. Features […]

Pressure Sensitive Tack Base

Pressure-Sensitive Tack Base Light Tack Base Product Summary A very light tack base meant for quick release where it is needed. It remains tacky for multiple runs and resists ambient dust accumulation. The PSTB cures rapidly and is low odor. Features Good adhesion, excellent slip resistant, interior durability, good chemical resistance, ease of application Substrates […]
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