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Specialty Screen Inks (UV) Archives

Peelable Mask

Peelable Mask Peelable Panel Protector Product Summary Deco-Chem’s Peelable Mask is a 100% solids ink that has been formulatd to act as a protective coating during the forming and cutting process. The Peelable Mask film, when completely cured, will peel easily from the surface of the substrate after forming and cutting. Features Abrasion Resistant, Formable […]


Pearlescent Pearly, Iridescent Effect Product Summary The Pearlescent Screen Inks can be utilized on products for the metal and glass decorating industries. They exhibit outstanding chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, weatherability, gloss, and ease of printing. Pearlescent effect can be achieved in most of Deco·Chem’s ink bases. Features Abrasion Resistant, Glossy, Exterior Grade, Chemical Resistant and […]

Mirror Etch Resist

Mirror Etch Resist Removes All Coating, but Etch Product Summary Deco·Chem’s Mirror Etch Resist inks are applied to the back of a mirror. Special chemicals will take away all of the mirror coating except for the etch resist, leaving a second surface mirror image where the Mirror Etch Resist was printed. Features Tough, Low Odor, […]

Matte Inks

Matte Inks Flat Appearance Product Summary Deco·Chem’s Matte Inks are tough, low-odor, and specially formulated so the printed film becomes completely dry after controlled exposure to jet drying or baking conditions. The smooth, light consistency allows a clean cutting action during the squeegee traverse. Features Tough, Low Odor, Ease of Application, Automotive Approved, Exterior Grade […]

Grip Coating

Grip Coating Anti-Skid Clear Product Summary Deco·Chem’s Grip Coating provides a slip resistant surface for interior use. Grip Coating uses a blend of oligomers and monomers that give a soft, rubbery surface without the addition of abrasive textures. Grip Coating is highly scratch resistant even with thicker coatings and adheres to a variety of different […]

Frosty Inks

Frosty Inks Frosted, Frothy Effect Product Summary Frosty Inks are tough and low odor inks for plastic and metal. The smooth and light consistency allows a clean cutting action during the squeegee traverse. The solvent blend of the Frosty Inks are formulated so the printed film becomes completely dry after controlled exposure to jet drying […]


Fluorescent Bright, Neon Colors Product Summary For use in flexographic and rotary screen inks and other high performance Deco·Chem screen printing systems. This unique pigment dispersion was created using high technology pigments and chemicals. DFD dispersions can be easily formulated into a number of our clear base inks to deliver a sharp image. This product […]

Dry Erase

Dry Erase Allows Dry Erase Markers to Mark and Wipe Clean Product Summary When properly cured, Deco·Chem’s Dry Erase ink becomes a rigid, transparent coating with outstanding chemical resistance. Use dry erase markers to mark the surface and wipe clean with a dry cloth without marring the surface. Features Excellent Flexibility, Easily Removable, Excellent Gloss, […]

Dome Dam

Dome Dam Urethane Barrier Product Summary Deco·Chem’s Dome Dam Ink is a UV curable, screen printable clear that provides a barrier to confine a 2-part urethane used for doming. Deco·Chem’s Dome Dam is a 100% solids compound that contains no solvents. Features Solvent-Free, Ease of Application and Fast Cure Response Substrates Vary upon bases used. […]

Beaded Etch

Beaded Etch Faux Sandblast Effect Product Summary The coarse texture of sand blasted glass can be simulated by applying Deco-Chem’s Beaded Glass Etch ink. The appearance is similar to Simulated Glass Etch, but with bigger particles for a coarser texture. They make glass decorating safer by allowing screen printers to avoid sand blasting or the […]
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