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Flexographic Inks Archives

Coil Foil Adhesive

Coil Foil Adhesive (CFA) Flexographic Ink Product Summary Deco·Chem’s Cold Foil Adhesive is specially suitable for flexographic printing with printability at varying press speeds. This ink has superb adhesive lamination characteristics, therefore satisfying requirements with film, vinyl, and cardstock for a variety of packaging and labeling applications. Bond strength also depends on the ink deposit, […]

Writable and Typeable Inks

Writable and Typeable Inks Allows For Pen Marks Product Summary Deco-Chem’s Writable and Typeable inks are designed to coat the substrate and allow the users to write or type on top using pen or typing utensils. Writable and Typeable Inks are available in clear. For other colors, please contact Deco-Chem’s lab. Features Allow Pen and […]


Pearlescent Pearly, Iridescent Effect Product Summary The Pearlescent Screen Inks can be utilized on products for the metal and glass decorating industries. They exhibit outstanding chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, weatherability, gloss, and ease of printing. Pearlescent effect can be achieved in most of Deco·Chem’s ink bases. Features Abrasion Resistant, Glossy, Exterior Grade, Chemical Resistant and […]


Optical Light Changing Effect Product Summary Optical Inks change colors when exposed to various light ranges. They can be utilized on a variety of labels and packages. The Optical Inks are compatible with Deco·Chem’s UV Flexo Inks. They exhibit less thickening over time, low odor and provide superior printability and gloss. Features Excellent Printability, Glossy, […]

Metallic Inks

Metallic Inks Metallized Effect Product Summary Deco·Chem’s Metallic Screen Inks can be used in one- and two-part systems. The Metallic inks are tough, low odor and exhibit a smooth, light consistency that allows a clean cutting action during the squeegee traverse. Features Tough, Chemical Resistant, Formable, Glossy and Low Odor Substrates Vary upon clear base […]

Matte Inks

Matte Inks Flat Appearance Product Summary Deco·Chem’s Matte Inks are tough, low-odor, and specially formulated so the printed film becomes completely dry after controlled exposure to jet drying or baking conditions. The smooth, light consistency allows a clean cutting action during the squeegee traverse. Features Tough, Low Odor, Ease of Application, Automotive Approved, Exterior Grade […]


Fluorescent Bright, Neon Colors Product Summary For use in flexographic and rotary screen inks and other high performance Deco·Chem screen printing systems. This unique pigment dispersion was created using high technology pigments and chemicals. DFD dispersions can be easily formulated into a number of our clear base inks to deliver a sharp image. This product […]
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