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Flexographic Inks Archives

Super Opaque White (7969)

Super Opaque White (7969) Flexographic Ink Product Summary Deco·Chem’s 7969 is a high opacity white that is perfect for the label and packaging industry. It provides a low viscosity with a pin-hole free surface that can be overprinted with UV inks or water based inks. 7969 exhibits thorough cure at higher press speeds and offers […]

Weather Resistant OPV (RD0365)

Weather Resistant OPV (RD0365) Flexographic Ink Product Summary RD0365 is a newly formulated over print varnish with UV blocking technology. When used over a plain or printed surface, RD0365 has the ability to protect labels and signage from damaging UV rays and moisture, making printed images and colors stay brilliant for longer. Features UV Blocking, […]


Topcoat Flexographic Ink Product Summary Deco·Chem’s Topcoat inks are an excellent choice for the packaging and product labeling market. They are compatible over most of Deco·Chem’s flexographic ink lines. Topcoat inks are provided at a ready to use viscosity but should be mixed thoroughly prior to use. Features High Gloss and Matte, Ready to Use […]

Deco-Flexo Dispersion (DFD)

Deco-Flexo Dispersion (DFD) Pigment Dispersion for Flexographic Printing Product Summary For use in flexographic and rotary screen inks and other high performance Deco·Chem screen printing systems. This unique pigment dispersion was created using high technology pigments and chemicals. DFD dispersions can be easily formulated into a number of our clear base inks to deliver a […]

Low Viscosity Flexo (LVF)

Low Viscosity Flexo (LVF) Flexographic Inks Product Summary Deco·Chem’s Low-Viscosity Flexo inks are an excellent choice for the package and product label market. LVF is a special low-viscosity formulation for UV flexo applications and compatible with the entire Deco·Chem UV flexo series. LVF should be mixed thoroughly prior to use. The ink is provided at […]

Laminating Adhesive

Laminating Adhesive Flexographic Adhesive Product Summary Deco·Chem’s Lamination Adhesive is suitable for flexographic printing and exhibits great printability at varying press speeds. Bond strength is dependent on the ink deposition weight and nature of substrates. Features High Co-adhesive, Good Tack, Solvent Resistant, Fast Cure, Ease of Print and Flexible Substrates Films, Vinyl and Cardstock Product […]

Flexmate Wash-Up

Flexmate Wash-Up Water-based Cleaner Product Summary Flexmate Wash-Up is a powerful combination of selected chemical cleaners and emulsifiers for use as an efficient cleaner that will remove all your hardened and accumulated water based or UV curable inks from chrome and ceramic rolls without damaging the rolls. Flexmate Wash-Up is a water soluble cleaner that […]

Flexmate: FXM

Flexmate: FXM Flexographic Ink Product Summary The Flexmate ink series was formulated in response to the industry’s need to eliminate solvents used in flexographic processes. Flexmate Inks exhibit an excellent ability to hold fine detail and dot structure. Using Flexmate flexographic inks demonstrates to customers, employees, and regulatory agencies your understanding of the need to […]

Deco High-Viscosity (DCH)

Deco High-Viscosity (DCH) Flexographic Ink Product Summary Deco·Chem’s DCH inks are an excellent choice for the package and label market. DCH is a special high viscosity formulation for UV flexo applications. DCH Series is designed to be printed on an Arpeco flexo press. It demonstrates excellent opacity. It is also compatible with all Deco·Chem’s UV […]


Deco-Flexo (DCF) Flexographic Ink Product Summary The DCF series is formulated with a combination of high quality monomers and oligomers that are used in part with Deco·Chem’s UV curable pigment dispersions for dense, bold color prints. DCF exhibits a fast cure with a low viscosity that is perfect for the package and product label market. […]
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