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  • MetaFlex (MTX): A highly flexible bake coating solution.

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MetaFlex (MTX) Highly Flexible Bake

MetaFlex (MTX) is a newer coating solution specifically created for the complex metal surfaces found in the appliance & metal decorating industries. We combined the best in high quality raw materials to yield an ink with outstanding stain resistance, durability and drawability.

Test have shown MTX passes all of the rigid requirements of the appliance industry (detergent, humidity, & salt spray resistance) and is a perfect choice for additional markets like vehicle trim, interior/exterior signage & nameplates.

you need a product that can adhere to complex metal surfaces and resist the outdoor elements, MTX is definitely what you’re looking for! This versatile product can be applied by screen printers and roll coaters with little modification (roll coating requires assistance of a thinner).

Features: Excellent Adhesion, Appliance Approved, Glossy, Chemical Resistant, Excellent Flexibility, Interior & Exterior Durability

Substrates: Various Metals, Bare Aluminum & Steel

Examples: See Below For Details
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