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Specialty Screen Inks (Conventional) Archives

Alligator Texture

Alligator Texture One-Part Screen Pattern Texture Product Summary Alligator Texture is a one-part ink that utilizes the screen mesh to create an alligator hide appearance. The most dramatic effects are with the use of larger mesh screen such as a 65 or 32 monofilament, in combination with photo emulsion patterns shot in the scree, will […]


Topcoat Flexographic Ink Product Summary Deco·Chem’s Topcoat inks are an excellent choice for the packaging and product labeling market. They are compatible over most of Deco·Chem’s flexographic ink lines. Topcoat inks are provided at a ready to use viscosity but should be mixed thoroughly prior to use. Features High Gloss and Matte, Ready to Use […]

X-act Colorants

X-act Colorants Super Concentrated Pigment Dispersions Product Summary You can have several ink systems with one set of colorants! With your choice of mixing clear and one set of X-act Colorants, you can produce virtually any color that you can imagine. Simply pour in the mixing clear and then add the X-act colorants needed to […]

Velvet Texture

Velvet Texture Soft, Velvet Texture Effect Product Summary Velvet Texture Ink is an extremely durable textured alkyd ink. It offers an attractive appearance, and is scratch and chemical resistant. The unique formulation of the Velvet Texture Ink demonstrates excellent post-formability, adhesion and exterior durability for most metal decorating applications. Features Exterior Durability, Attractive Appearance, Scratch […]


Sublimation Image Transfer Ink Product Summary Deco·Chem’s Sublimation Ink provides superior adhesion for transferring images in the sublimation process. Simply screen print the ink where you will be transferring your dye image, bake and transfer as normal. Features Excellent Adhesion, Clean Image Transfer, Excellent Flow, Chemical Resistant, Hard and High Gloss Substrates Mill Finished Aluminums, […]

Simulated Etch

Simulated Etch Frosty, Semi-Opaque “Etched” Appearance Product Summary Deco-Chem’s Simulated Etch ink has a frosty, milky appearance. The degree of opacity and colors can be customized. The ink is weatherable, chemical resistant, abrasion resistant and easy to print. Simulated Etch ink also has excellent block resistant characteristics. Features Safer Than Other Etch Methods, Chemical Resistant, […]

Print Sharp

Print Sharp Definition Additive Product Summary Print Sharp is an ink additive for use in inks that will not print well in small detail. When a small amount is added to the ink, it will help detailed or fine print areas to hold their definition. The thick, buttery viscosity of Print Sharp changes the rheology […]


Primers Superior Solvent and Abrasion Resistance Product Summary Deco-Chem’s Primers are designed for superior solvent and abrasion resistance. They are made with a blend of high-tech polymers specifically designed for metal decoration applications. Conventional Primers has been developed to meet new appliance specifications. Features Appliance Approved, Exterior Durability, Solvent Resistant, Abrasion Resistant, Fast Cure and […]

Phosphorescent Inks

Phosphorescent Inks Glow in the Dark Effect Product Summary Deco·Chem’s Phosphorescent inks are a unique and stand-out choice for printers. The Phosphorescent effect pigments used demonstrate outstanding after-glow and can be used in most of Deco·Chem’s conventional ink bases depending on the application. Features Exterior Durability, Formable, Outstanding Afterglow, Tough, Chemical Resistant and Flexible Substrates […]

Peelable Mask

Peelable Mask Peelable Panel Protector Product Summary Deco-Chem’s Peelable Mask is a 100% solids ink that has been formulatd to act as a protective coating during the forming and cutting process. The Peelable Mask film, when completely cured, will peel easily from the surface of the substrate after forming and cutting. Features Abrasion Resistant, Formable […]
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