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Welcome to Deco·Chem’s Monthly Newsletter – We use this newsletter to provide detailed information on our products and keep our current & prospective customers informed on company news.

Monthly Highlights:

  • Functional Inks & Coatings Series: Post application product performance.

  • Static Cling For Screen Printing: Effortlessly adhere removeable designs to the natural static charge in vinyl.

See below for details.


Functional Inks & Coatings Series

Deco·Chem’s Functional inks and coatings are described with the “Functional” designation because these products are relied on after application to perform a job. See examples below:

  • Antimicrobial: Kills microbes and bacteria as long as the protective clear that contains it remains in tact.

  • Anti-Graffiti Clear: Prevents surfaces from being defaced.

  • Non-Skid: Prevents products from sliding when pressure is applied to them.

  • Panel Protector: Protects a printed surface through the manufacturing protects until the consumer peels it off.

  • Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID): Applied ink allows the applied product to be identified by an RFID system to identify and track objects.

  • UV Curable Dry Erase: Accepts a dry erase marker on its surface, yet allows for the markings to be easily removed with a cloth or eraser.

And many more!

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Static Cling for Screen Printing

The Static Cling Vinyl has the intrinsic property of sticking to bare glass simply by the natural static charge in the vinyl substrate. Therefore, anywhere there is glass, there is an opportunity to easily adhere an ad, instructional sign, or decoration that can be removed and reapplied whenever desired.

Versatility, Replaceability and Customizability make Static Cling an extremely desirable offering when you need an impermanent solution to glass decoration.

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