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Thermoformable UV Inks

Thermoformable UV Inks Highly Flexible UV Curable Inks for Plastic Product Summary The HFA ink is a highly flexible UV Curable ink for use in Automotive and Appliance application. It can be thermoformed, has great toughness, and adheres to most plastics. The LMI ink series was formulated specifically for use on containers where indirect contact […]

Silicone Free Rotary Screen

Silicone Free Rotary Screen: SFR Rotary Screen Product Summary The SFR inks are an excellent choice for the package and product label market. It allows other inks to printed on top without reticulation. It also works well in combination with other Deco·Chem ink lines. The SFR inks are silicone free and does not interfere with […]

Rotary Label Plus

Rotary Label Plus (RLP) Rotary/Flatbed Screen Product Summary RLP series is an excellent choice for the package and product label market. It works well in combination with other Deco·Chem ink lines and can be used for both rotary screen and flatbed screen applications. RLP series has been tested on most substrates used in industries such […]

Glass Ink

Glass Ink: GI One-Part Glass Ink Product Summary The GI series was formulated specifically for decorative glass printing and expands upon previous Deco·Chem inks for glass. GI is ready to use straight from the pail and does not require a catalyst before printing or a primer/topcoat during the printing process. The GI series can be […]


Di-Tech (DTS) Metal and Glass Inks Product Summary Deco·Chem’s Di-Tech series is a 100 % solids UV curable ink system composed of oligomers, monomers, and initiators. It is designed for use on glass, stainless steel, aluminum and other metal substrates. It is well suited for first- and second-surface glass decorating. Di-Tech is abrasion resistant and […]

Deco-Rad Metal

Deco-Rad Metal (DRM) First Surface Printing for Metal and Glass Product Summary Deco-Rad Metal is an excellent choice for first surface printing of metal products such as escutcheon panels, nameplates, and interior Point of Purchase displays. When cured properly, DRM shows outstanding adhesion to aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. Features High Gloss, Appliance Approved, Interior […]

Deco Bond Metal

Deco Bond Metal (DBM) Main Screen Ink Product Summary DecoBond is the second generation of the Deco-Rad Series for Metal. It has excellent adhesion to bare metal, glass and many plastics without the need for a primer. Colors and clears are able to be printed directly on the surface. DBM exhibits excellent weatherability and is […]

Deco Bond Plastic

Deco Bond Plastic (DBP) Main Screen Ink Product Summary Deco Bond Plastic is a truly universal system for the screen printing industry. As one of Deco·Chem’s most versatile inks, the DBP series adheres to a wide variety of plastic substrates. DBP is acrylic based and exhibits a fast cure rate, high gloss, chemical resistance and […]

X-act Colorants

X-act Colorants Super Concentrated Pigment Dispersions Product Summary You can have several ink systems with one set of colorants! With your choice of mixing clear and one set of X-act Colorants, you can produce virtually any color that you can imagine. Simply pour in the mixing clear and then add the X-act colorants needed to […]