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  • Conductive Inks & Coatings: The building block of all printed electronic devices & circuit boards.

  • Dielectric Coating: The non-conductive, insulating layer for multilayer circuitry.

  • Project R&D: Need ink or coating for your next project? Choose us.

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Conductive Inks & Coatings

Conductive Inks are one of the newest advancements in printed electronics, delivering a fast, smart & convenient connection in electrical circuitry. Rather than using a traditional etched copper conduit, manufacturers opt to use conductive inks such as silver and carbon. These lightweight substrates allow for greater flexibility in product design, easier production, reduced cost and less waste in comparison to copper.

Deco·Chem offers two conductive ink products that can be adjusted for any conductive application: X-90B Conductive Silver & Conductive Black


X-90B Conductive Silver (D-10950)

X-90B is a screen print conductive ink with low electrical resistance properties. It is used for printed conductors, membrane switches, and RFID antennas. Because of its high conductivity it can be printed much thinner than most conductive inks, yielding a cost savings. In addition to this, X-90B adheres to most plastic films, including raw mylar, polyester, paper and other problem surfaces.

Formulated to give printer maximum screen open time, flexible and can be thermoformed/hydroformed, diecuttable, no catalyst needed (available if additional abrasion resistance is required)

Conductive Black (D-10303)

True to its namesake, Conductive Black is formulated with a carbon black pigment that conducts electricity at a lower frequency. While it’s not as conductive as the silver variant, it is a cheaper alternative that is typically utilized as an excellent method of discharging static electricity before it can harm products in packaging soultions.
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Dielectric Inks & Coatings

Dielectric Ink is a non-conductive insulating layer for multilayer circuitry. It is a crucial part of the screen printing process for circuitry as this layer is used to separate and protect the signal layers of the multi layered conductive ink. The ohms resistance of our D-14070 Dielectric Clear is total and reduces possible short circuiting occurrences to almost zero once applied to your product.

Typical application usage includes keyboards, copper-etched circuitry and hybrid circuits.

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