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Formulating for the Future

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Monthly Highlights:

  • 50 Years of Inks & Coatings: Deco·Chem reaches its 50th anniversary.

  • Antimicrobial Technology Systems: Create cleaner & safer public surfaces.

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Deco·Chem turns 50 years old this year!

Wow, what a crazy journey. It’s hard to believe that we have been in business for almost 50 years! Thank you for being a part of our family and contributing to the success of our company.


Antimicrobial Coating’s Post-Pandemic Future.

Antimicrobial Coating has the ability to become a major selling point in a post-pandemic world. This recent development in coating technology allows us to add ionized silver to a clear surface coating to create a defensive layer of protection against harmful microorganisms. This built-in feature inhibits or kills the microorganisms at 95.5% to 99.9% effectiveness.

We are able to add this defense to many of our longstanding Inks & Coatings as an additional layer of protection.

You’ll find this feature available in the following products:

  • MetaBond (MBI) – a polyester baking enamel that sticks to metal and glass. Used in Nameplate & Glass Industries.

  • 7025 – a UV curable for screenprinting and formulated for plastics like polycarbonate and print treated polyesters.

  • 7025 (Satin Gloss) – a less glossy alternative to the 7025 above.

  • OPV101 – a Flexo UV curable overprint clear for various plastics.

  • DBM – a UV curable system for metal and glass. Popular use in the nameplate & glass industries.

  • Loxon (LOX) – This is an epoxy baking system formulated for the laundry and range group. It has very good resistance to the chemicals and foods encountered in that market.

The Takeaway?

While the future always remains uncertain, businesses can make use of this additional layer of protection that can permanently reduce viral load available on surfaces.

The word “Antimicrobial” could quickly become a must-have listed feature on products that wish to differentiate themselves from the competition as health conscious.

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