Beaded Etch

Simulated Sand-Blasted Glass Ink

Speciality Screen Ink

The coarse texture of sand blasted glass can be simulated by applying Deco-Chem’s Beaded Glass Etch ink. The apperance is similar to Simulated Glass Etch, but with bigger particles for a coarser texture. They make glass decorating safer by allowing screen printers to avoid sand blasting or the hazard of using hydrogen fluoride etch solutions.

Features: Coarse Texture, Safer to Use, Able to Die Cut and Crease, Consistent Texture, Easy to Print, Abrasion Resistant, Glossy and Chemical and Detergent Resistant

Substrates: Glass, Mill Finished Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Epoxy or Vinyl-Sized Aluminum and Other Metals

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