Astrolex: ATX

Air Bake Acrylic

Astrolex is a tough, low-odor ink for plastics. Although designed orginally for polycarbonate, it adheres to many other plastics, including pressure-sensitive vinyl and styrene. Ease of application is one of the most distinctive characteristics of Astrolex. The smooth and light consistency allows a clean cutting action during the squeegee traverse. A clean screen breakaway is achieved, followed by instant leveling to a very high gloss.

Features: Automotive Approved, High Gloss, Ease of Application, Tough/Durable and Block

Substrates: Plastics, Vinyls, Polycarbonates, Styrene Noryl, ABS, Acrylic, Magnetic Sheets, Wood, Top Coated Mylar, Card Stock and Print Treated Polyester

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